If your small business isn't yet online and actively engaging in digital marketing then here is 7 reasons why you should be.
Digital Pollinators Digital Marketing services

The challenge with running your own business is that when it comes to marketing you suddenly have to become a web designer, copywriter, social media expert, strategist, lead generator, sales person, editor, SEO specialist... the list could go on.

So if you find yourself in the in the midst of an identity crisis, then it might be time to hire a Digital Marketing expert to offload some of those pesky tasks.

We at Digital Pollinators have identified 3 core areas of every business that should not go unattended and that can be easily managed by an experienced Digital Marketing firm, like ours.

1.    Website Design

Almost anyone these days can build a website and write a blog post, right? Correct, but only a few will actually stand out, command attention and be optimized for search engines and the various devices (mobile, tablet, TV etc.) that can access the internet these days.  Just creating a website and putting it on the internet is not going to bring people to it or make them want to stay long enough to find out what you’re offering.

It takes a lot of time, research, energy, trial and error to figure out what will appeal to your target audience.  When you hire a Digital Marketing agency to design and build your website they will partner with you to identify your unique business perspective so that you will stand out from the competition. They work with your to understand who you are as a business, your persona or culture, and the essence of it so that it can then be transposed to your online presence. A Digital Marketing agent will work with you to come up with a plan to show your uniqueness through digital marketing and get your message out there.

2.    Social Media

Although most social media accounts are free to create, they require a large amount of invested time to setup, manage and keep updated. Staying on top of all the new social media sites, changes and industry news is no easy task. Most business owners are too busy focusing on running their business, to bother engaging in social media, even though they know they should be.

Hiring an experienced digital marketing firm has huge benefits for your business. They will set up, optimise and manage all your social media platforms for you, so that you can focus on what you do best. They will work with you to professionally brand all your social platforms and seamlessly integrate them across all your online presence, so that you can stay connected and engaged with your existing and potential customers wherever they are.

Hiring a digital marketing agency will enables you to engage new potential leads while you continue to focus on growing and maintaining the other areas of your business.

3. Search Engine Marketing

Can people find your business easily when they search for your services and/or products on search engines such as Google?

Consumers have become more and more search and social-savvy. Search remains the most popular place people go when doing research on the Internet for new products and services. Have you determined whether your website is search engine optimised (SEO) so that it can be easily read and indexed by the most popular search engines? Have you often wondered how many of the successful businesses out there are generating traffic, leads and sales to their website?

Working with a Digital Marketing agent can ensure that your website is visible on the first page of Google so that you not only get greater brand awareness but are also able to increase your leads. With 61% of global internet users using search engines to research products it’s important to have a solid search strategy and to understand the key ingredients that go into getting great search results. 

In conclusion, hiring an experienced digital marketing firm is a great way to generate leads, find new clients and connect with existing ones. If you think you’re ready to hire a digital marketing firm to help take your business to the next level, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!