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Small Business
Start-Up Packages

It’s important to have a professional brand identity for any business, larger or small. This package includes the design of your logo, business cards, email signature.


Logo & Branding Packages

This package includes the design of your logo, business cards, email signature, Facebook & other social media cover images, one-page website cover art & buttons, a promotional postcard/flyer, powerpoint template.


Website Design

This package includes all the necessary artwork required to make your new website pop! We can create your website header art, favicon, icons, buttons, background images and source stock images as part of our website design services.


Ad creative Packages

So you have a website and now you need traffic. We can create Google display images and banners, Facebook & Instagram ad creative and Pinterest Promoted Pins to be used when we run your PPC advertising.

Types of Graphics Design Work we do

  • Logos

  • One Page Website

  • Website artwork

  • Display advertising banners

  • Social media cover images

  • Flyers & Posters

  • Product swing tags

  • Pinterest Promoted Pins

  • Business cards

  • Print advertising

  • Power point templates

  • Brochures

  • Infographics

  • Restaurant menus

  • Email signatures

  • Blog post image

  • Product covers

  • Email templates

  • Website buttons

  • Letterheads

  • Invitations

  • Gift certificates

  • Etsy banners

  • List goes on.....


Factors that determine your graphic design cost include —

  • Creative time to write, design and develop the deliverable(s)

  • Editing. We usually factor in two rounds of client-directed edits, but the number will vary if the assignment is very simple or very complicated.

  • Sourcing images & graphics (if applicable)

  • Printing costs (if applicable)

  • Image costs (if applicable)

Cost of Graphic Design Services

  • Website artwork includes header artwork, favicon, icons and background graphics. The cost is based on client requirements and range from around $800 to well over $5,000.

  • Logo projects are based on client requirements and range from around $700 to well over $3,000. The cost may be less if the project is not a start-from-scratch effort, but rather an update to typography or colors, or refinements to an existing legacy logo mark.

  • Collateral brochure projects this may include powerpoint branded slides, online and/or printed brochures etc and cost around $600 per page. Thus, the graphic design cost of an 8-page brochure is likely to come out around $4,800 to $10,000, including all content and design.

  • Photography costs are quoted separately for custom imagery and stock imagery. Stock imagery is usually included within the design fees. Custom imagery and photography can run from $300 to several thousand dollars depending on the scope of work.

  • Printing is a job we can help quote and oversee if requested. These costs are billed separately as a management fee. We assist with paper selection, print quote options, on-site printing review and supervision, and deployment.