If your small business isn't yet online and actively engaging in digital marketing then here is 7 reasons why you should be.

SEO is not something that you do once and then forget about it. It’s a way of thinking that should be ingrained into how you go about creating content for your website and social media channels. Here are just a few of the core things that should help you on your way. 

  • Start with your target marketing in mind.
    • Who are they, what do they like, where do they live, what do they do, how do they read, what are they interested in?
  • Create a website and content that meets the needs and wants of your target audience.
    • Make it user friendly – can they easily find the information they are after?
    • Is  the information easy to digest, share and engage with?
  • Conduct keyword research to understand how your target audience searches for your products and services.
    • What problem are they trying to solve.
    • Create content (blog posts) that addresses these questions, queries and needs.
    • Build content around these keywords.
    • Link tha t content back to your products and services.
  • When you’re creating content make sure to use your keyword effectively in your headline, and throughout your paragraph.
    • Make sure your page URL uses your keyword (should be the same as your page name)
    • Make sure your image file name has your keyword in it and that you have created image alt tags accordingly.
    • Update the meta-tags to include your keyword(s).
    • Create a meta-description that includes your keyword(s).
    • Correctly use  your header tags (H1-H6) throughout your document. Ie. H1 for your headline, H2 for the sub headings, H3 for any call-outs and paragraph plain text for your main content etc.
  • Share your content with your audience and customers across your social networks, via email and in relevant forums etc.
    • The more people read and share your content linking back to your website the more Google thinks your content is valuable and will reward you with a higher page ranking.  This is where your social media strategy comes in.
  • Keep your website content fresh
    • The more content that’s regularly added to your site the more Google sees you as being up-to-date and it will reward your site accordingly within the search results pages.

If you’d like an SEO audit or someone to just handle all this ‘work’ for you, then we would be more than happy to help you. You can find an outline of our services and prices here.

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