Effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) requires a combination of active website optimisation, content creation, education and continued participation and partnership from our clients. We are not expecting our clients to become "experts" but want them to be involved in the overall strategy and establishment of our goals. As we commit to continuously educate our team, by keeping up to date on the latest search engine algorithm changes and discussing our ideas, we also commit to sharing this information with our clients so that they too may stay well informed, understanding what is required to continually keep their website on top of the search results page.

Unlike PPC marketing where you can actively and regularly track the success of your marketing dollars back to a ROAS, this is not the case with SEO. Due to the nature of how SEO is performed, SEO services are charged based on the hours needed to generate the desired results and meet the goals set by your marketing objectives.. 

Digital Pollinators SEO services includes education, website audits, assistance with content generation, regular website optimisation, ongoing reporting and analysis. We keep track of all optimisations and tasks performed providing our clients with a monthly journal. This enables our clients to really understand what they are paying for and the hours that it takes to perform the required tasks. We have found that by being transparent, our clients are able to understand that there is no "quick fix" to becoming organically listed on the first page of Google and helps them to really see how long a task may take, ensuring they have the right expectations and understanding of the work that our team does.