The true heart of Digital Pollinators lies within our 9 core values:

  1. Understanding our client’s business - Understand our client's business so that we jointly establish marketing objectives and goals that meet their individual business needs

  2. Pride in our Work - Passion for what we do day-to-day translates to delivering best in class results and service for our clients

  3. Communication - Maintain open and honest conversations with our team and clients

  4. Embracing Change - Drive innovation by staying on top of and accepting the ever-changing digital landscape

  5. Positive Attitude - Approach all tasks with an affirmative disposition

  6. Responsibility - Be reliable, dependable and accountable of our actions

  7. Education - Share our knowledge and experience with each other, our clients and new recruits

  8. Respect - Honour each team member, our clients, their business, the community and environment that we all live and work in

  9. Humility - Strike balance between confidence and modesty