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Search Engine Marketing comprises of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click marketing (PPC). SEO is the term used to describe the marketing technique of preparing a website to enhance its chances of being ranked in the top results of a search engine (i.e. Google). This course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles of SEO and demonstrates how to implement these techniques to improve your websites ranking on Google. Day two of this module will focus on PPC marketing; a practice invented by Google and executed through the Google AdWords platform. This module will cover key concepts and terminology used within the field of PPC and equips students with the technical understanding and skills to build and maintain an effective PPC strategy to drive targeted search traffic.


  • Understanding principles of SEO and how to implement these techniques to improve your Google Search rankings

  • Conduct an SEO audit of an existing site 

  • Understand the mechanics of how PPC systems function

  • Learn how to build, implement, optimise and manage a PPC campaign

  • Learn how to set and manage budgets for Adwords campaigns, and measure and analyze their effectiveness

Module 1 - Marketing Foundations
Module 2 - Website Design
Module 3 - Social Media Marketing
Module 5 - Display Marketing
Module 6 - Email Marketing